How To Make Money Blogging — Using Google Ads 

 February 5, 2019

By  Ryan Stroble


It doesn’t matter what type of blog you have or want to have, you can blog about virtually anything under the Sun and still have the potential to make money blogging. 


Easy, if you are new to the game the easy way in is to start Adsense blogging. Off the hop, this is probably the easiest of resources to use when it comes to monetizing your blog. Don’t let the term scare you off, it’s really quite easy. 

All you have to do is sign up for Google’s Adsense program, for free, and they will place ads directly on your blog for products and services related to your site. When someone clicks on one of the ads on your site you will get paid. 

Bing. Bang. Boom!


Let’s be real — I want to make sure that you also go into this with realistic expectations on earning potential. The amount of money you can earn blogging will vary dramatically based on the topic of your blog and the number of readers you have. 

If you’re trying to make money blogging about something that is very popular, then there may be lots of people who may be willing to pay more money to buy ads for that topic; you’ll also make more with every click. 

On the other hand, if your blog is EXTREMELY niched and about something a little more obscure each click will earn you considerably less.

Regardless, no matter how popular the topic of your site is or how much Google Adsense will pay you for each click, you will need a lot of traffic if you want to make serious money blogging

Now, when I say it’s ‘Easy’ to start making money from a blog, it is, just don’t expect to put some ads on your blog and retire from your full-time job. Making the BIG BUCKS will take some time — but in the meantime, you can start earning a small additional income to help pay for beers on Friday Nights! ..or wine if that’s your thing! 🍷

When you introduce Adsense to your blog what can, and often does, happen is that you’ll start to make some extra money every single month just by doing what you’re already doing… blogging.

Welcome to your first online side hustle!!


Here are a few things you can do to optimize your Adsense revenue potential and make more money as a blogger:

1. Get more traffic. There are a lot of ways you can do that and the processes can be as simple and free or as advanced and technical as you like, it really depends on whether you are online to make a living or just online to have some fun and make some extra cash as a bonus. But for the most part, the more traffic to your site equals more money from Adsense.

2. Leverage your money making potential by setting up many blogs. If you have 10 blogs and each of them is making just $10 a month from Google Adsense — that comes out to $100 a month. That’s $90 more a month that you would have made with just one blog. True, you won’t get rich on it but again, it’s more money in your pocket for doing what you are already doing… not bad. 

TIP: Don’t let the idea of having multiple blogs scare you off, there are easy ways you can automate the system to make it very easy to build your own ‘blog empire’. If you want to make a full-time income online, that’s one of the best ways to go.

Adsense blogging is a simple and easy way for anyone to make a little extra cash online. Just by going to Google and signing up for Adsense you can start making money on your blog. 

The bottom line is that it’s really all up to you and what you want to accomplish with your blog.

Good Luck on Your Journey!!

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Ryan Stroble

Ryan has over 7 years of experience in the creative marketing industry, with a specialized B.Comm degree in Marketing Management. He owns several online businesses and consults clients on marketing strategy and eCommerce.


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