6 Facebook Performance Marketing Tips For Beginners 

 November 5, 2020

By  Ryan Stroble

Facebook marketing can be a great cost-effective method to attract brand-new people to your business and website 

However as a growing number of advertisers are making use of Facebook performance marketing ads, the obstacle is for companies to make their advertising campaigns stick out from the crowd.

To truly get the most juice from Facebook performance marketing and advertising, you'll be required to spend time and resources to examine, display, change and TEST your ads.

However, the biggest obstacle with advertising on Facebook is increasing the efficiency and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of your ad campaigns. We all want as many "engagements", "landing page visits", and "conversions"  for as little investment possible. Right?! 

So to help you with your Facebook performance marketing strategies, here are six suggestions to effectively achieve your Facebook marketing goals.

Especially if you just starting out and loo looking for a simple Facebook ad strategy to get you started!

1. Creatives

Images and videos are possibly the most essential elements of your Facebook ads. It's actually the most crucial element when it comes to Facebook performance marketing. 


If you wish to pull Facebook users away from scanning through their news feeds, your images and videos need to be bold enough to capture their attention within milliseconds.

How can you do that?

Well, people like things that are fun, vibrant,  interesting and controversial.

These kinds of creatives are called "Scroll Stoppers".

You're effectively trying to get your audience to STOP scrolling and look at your content.

So if your images or videos can depict any of these, it will significantly increase the likelihood of the performance of your ad campaigns.

2. Headlines

Now, once you can achieve the scroll stop and get  your users' attention through your outstanding creatives, it's imperative that you have a stellar headline that will draw them in also. 

As in any other ads, your Facebook ads must have headings that entice readers to click through and read more

Some of the most motivating headline elements among consumers are:

  • Greed - To have the latest greatest things
  • Needs - Solutions to everyday problems that only your product or service can serve
  • Fears - Personal safety and health are great motivators to drive sales
  • Egos - Sense belonging and achievement amongst a community

So headlines that depict these attributes will constantly get better reactions and the results you are looking for. 

3. Targeting

Any business owner who truly knows direct response marketing understands simply how crucial targeting can be.

You don't see Red Bull sponsoring your local bowling championships (Although they should...Talk about a BOLD move haha).

They don't because it's not their target audience. 

Skydivers and Motocross Daredevils are - Red Bull gives you wings!

Target marketing is where Facebook has pulled away from other traffic source platforms in the social media arena.

With the absurd amount of data Facebook is collecting on the daily- the Facebook Ads Manager has exceptional features that let you narrow down your target niche audience based on buyer behavior, interests, activities, gender, education level, and much much more. 

Their audience insights tool is free to use, so try it out and use it to your advantage to build ads that will be sure to hit your target customers and buyers.

4. Landing Pages

Now, If you've already mastered the tips above - don't think your job is complete!

No, no, no. Far from it. lol

You've managed to grab the right persons attention and they've clicked your ad BUT the most crucial step still lies ahead.

Your landing page.  

In order to effectively have your new visitor browse your site and make a purchase you YOU MUST HAVE a high converting landing page that goes with the same theme as your ad.

Which means you want a FAST LOADING SITE and offer clear CALL TO ACTION when they get there!

Read my article on 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Websites Speed

For instance, if you've created a funny ad, make sure you continue the humor through the landing page. If your ad is blue and yellow, you're landing page shouldn't be pink and orange. 

Stay with your theme!!

5. Reward Your Visitors

Almost all of us want to get something totally free and even win any contest, right?

You can use this fundamental human inspiration to maximize your advertising campaign. History has shown that marketing works much better with motivations, and Facebook advertising is not an exemption to this.

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So to increase the likelihood of converting visitors into customers its crucial that you have a clear Call to Action (CTA) that rewards your visitors for completing an action when they land on your site. 

For example, by offering a Free PDF or consultation you are achieving two goals: 

1. You are providing immediate VALUE, which effectively starts building trust with your visitors

2. You are further building your audience or tribe by collecting an email address, which you can reach out to at a later date if they don't buy right away.

ACTION ITEM: Think of a unique offer that your business can give away for free and provide the MOST VALUE to your site visitors in exchange for an email address. 

6. Freshness

Facebook is an endless blackhole of scrolling content, with lots of advertisers competing for attention.

When it comes to ads people receive and are scrolling past the same ads and products all the time.

So to ensure that your ad campaigns keep their impact, it's important to always keep them fresh.

Try to always test new ads and keep your audience on their toes! 


Now, before you try all these strategies; you want to make sure you start off right.

So, it's essential to have the right goals and set the ideal objectives for your advertising plan before you start feeding Facebook money.

What do I mean:

  1. If your goal is to get more buyers - than a conversion ad is what you want to run.
  2. If your goal is brand awareness your after - than the brand awareness goal will put your ad in front of the most people as possible. 

Image: Facebook Campaign Objectives

Although Facebook works well on lots of levels, there's still lots of options that cater to specific marketing needs. So it's important that you outline these goals before you start running your ads.

Some of the more popular goals that you can set for your campaigns include, developing awareness, engaging users, and growing lists. (See Image Above

Direct purchase goals via Facebook conversion ads, although works for some retail products and items, is not always the most advised method for some businesses.

So, research and study carefully where Facebook will successfully fit into your consumer's purchasing cycle (education, awareness, and so on) to determine if Facebook marketing is the most effective solution.

In the second quarter of 2020, Facebook's total advertising revenue amounted to $18.32 billion U.S dollars. (source)

Which goes to show that Facebook ads can be an astonishing way to get your brand in front of millions of users.

So try these 6 Facebook Performance Marketing Tips explained above, and soon you might find yourself in a sea of amazing opportunities!

Good Luck! 

Have you tried marketing on Facebook? 

  • What kind of ads are you running? Did you find any of the tips and tools in this article useful? 

Please share your experience or opinions in the comments below.


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Ryan Stroble

Ryan has over 7 years of experience in the creative marketing industry, with a specialized B.Comm degree in Marketing Management. He owns several online businesses and consults clients on marketing strategy and eCommerce.


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