(Infographic) 4 Ways To Deliver Great Content That Ranks On Google 

 February 3, 2019

By  Ryan Stroble

Content Marketing – To be good at SEO you need to forget SEO!

You heard me — at first glance, I get it, what I’m saying literally makes no sense….But let’s step outside the box for a second and take a deeper look at what I mean.

Truly good SEO means forgetting traditional SEO tactics and focusing on your user first NOT the keyword. And it also means forgetting SEO in that you are going to be trying to merge your different marketing strategies in order to create one bigger approach. Following?

It means trying to write amazing posts and share them on different SEO platforms so that you get more links and it means writing great content that keeps people on your page longer.

Stop thinking in terms of ‘SEO’ and ‘social media marketing’ and instead think about your SEO in terms of ‘content marketing’. Regardless of your strategy, there is no doubt that content is absolutely the most important asset when it comes to attracting traffic and impressing Google.

So, What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is about creating extraordinary content that users can’t take their eyes off — which allow you to rank highly in Google’s search engine results pages. While this type of thinking has a powerful and useful effect, it’s actually only one part of what content marketing is all about. At the same time, content marketing is about building a readership on your site and ensuring that people begin to trust what you have to say!

It means demonstrating your knowledge and point of view to the point where people seek you out as an authority. Once you get to that point, you’ll be considered an expert in your field and you’ll be able to greatly influence your audience — possibly influencing their buying behavior. Cha-ching!!

OK Ryan, So How do I Build Trust and Authority?

Well if you’re still reading — The key is to go back and think about the sites and blogs that have influenced you over the years and the ones you read regularly and consistently.

What do you like most about their style, that keeps you coming back? How did they get to that point? Is there content useful each time? Is it easily digestible but also actionable? Or does it make you want to share new ideas with friends?

This isn’t about building trust with Google but rather it is about building trust with your readers so that they want to keep coming back.

The main thing YOU need to deliver on is value.

If you truly want to rank on google — then each post that you create needs to provide some kind of useful and/or interesting information that is actionable. At the same time, it should offer something that isn’t readily available elsewhere and it should be in-depth and comprehensive enough that the reader has a good understanding of the topic discussed. This ‘differentness’ is incredibly important and is something that too frequently gets overlooked. If you’re trying to stand out in a crowded niche — say the fitness niche — then it is not enough to simply write posts on how to get abs, or how to lose weight.

There are countless articles out there with the exact same title and subject matter. Instead, try to concentrate on offering something that will be different — which might mean writing about an entirely new training method, or that might mean writing about something that examines the psychological motivation to run a full marathon.

Always ask yourself: what about this post makes it actionable? (ie. makes someone share with a friend or comment on your article)

Meanwhile, you need to be consistent in posting this kind of content and you need to be smart with your branding. Your brand needs to evoke your mission statement and your character. People should know from your website design, Facebook or LinkedIn page alone what kind of subject matter you are likely to specialize in and they can expect this type of content from your site. This is also how you can build brand recognition and a consistent image across different forms of marketing (including on different forms of social media).

Write for a specific type of person and try to make your brand into a movement with a clear objective. That way, people can actually get excited about you and will really get behind what you’re trying to do! But the main goal is to offer consistent value and to become a source that people start to trust. That way, when someone searches for the answer to a question, they might revisit an old post of yours or visit your page first — not google!

Once you start to rank in the search results, people will already recognize you and be more likely to click your listing over the rest. That’s when you will start to build an organic tribe of loyal followers who will consistently look to your content for information. Eventually, you become their ‘go-to source’ for answers in your niche.

Well done: you just won at content marketing!!

In the end — the key is to consistently deliver value so that people come to you for answers. And ironically this is also what will get other good sites to link back to your site. VOILA! You now have a perfect example of ‘value-driven SEO’.

In this case, you’re organically hacking your way into search results by simply delivering amazing quality content — and Google is rewarding you. From a business perspective — this makes even more sense. You no longer come off sales-y and you’ll come off more respected. People will be much more likely to buy from you if they recognize, know and trust that your content is useful!

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What about you??

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Ryan Stroble

Ryan has over 7 years of experience in the creative marketing industry, with a specialized B.Comm degree in Marketing Management. He owns several online businesses and consults clients on marketing strategy and eCommerce.


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