Advanced Internet Marketing 

 February 7, 2019

By  Ryan Stroble

So, Marketing Jedi You Want To Be? (..In Yoda Voice) 

Once you have mastered the basics of marketing on the internet and are seeing results, you need to move onto advanced internet marketing. It’s time to ‘use the force’ young padawan.

Even if you aren’t ready to actually implement advanced marketing techniques just yet, knowing about it in advance can help you prepare for jumping into it when the time is right.

Why Worry About Advanced Internet Marketing?

Many people learn the basics of internet marketing and then stop. They figure they are doing well right where they are, so there is no reason to move forward.

Why mess with a good thing? (If you’re reading and are not too familiar with internet marketing check out my post on The Top 6 Internet Marketing Channels To Build Your Online Brand)

There are plenty of reasons why you need to know as much about internet marketing as you can.

You may be doing very well on your website right now, but you need to be constantly growing your marketing and adapting to the changing demands of your potential customers if you are going to stay ahead. This is where advanced internet marketing comes into play.

In regular marketing, the store across town is your competition. You may only have to worry about staying ahead of a few other businesses in your area. But online, stores all over the world are your competition.

You potentially have to worry about hundreds of other businesses trying to steal away your customers. Since the world seems to be growing more impersonal, and customer loyalty is hard to come by anymore, this can represent a big problem to be overcome.

So What Do You Do?

Well, here are three things you can do before focusing on advanced internet marketing:

  • Give yourself a refresher course on any internet marketing strategies you already use. I suggest reading this article for 6 of the most common Internet Marketing Channels used to build your brand (If You haven’t already).
  • Use updated materials and sources to see if any new strategies have become available. This is a great start because you can put these to work for you without having to learn entire new methods.
  • Research, research, research. Turn to books, eBooks, and blogs on internet marketing, and any well-established websites that are recommended. See what is next in line for you to tackle in your marketing campaign. 

Now, there are plenty of options available, so you should be able to sift through them to find one that you are not only comfortable using, but is also relevant to your business.

Certain advanced internet marketing methods work better for some businesses than others, so only you can decide which direction you wish to take your marketing efforts.

Don’t Rush, but Move Forward

You don’t have to go racing into new marketing right away if you are doing well at the moment. You can use the opportunity to just learn all you can about the methods you are going to implement next.

But you do need to always be learning something and preparing for the next stage of your website and business. This keeps progress and growth from catching you off guard.

If your current internet marketing efforts are based around the same tried and true tactics that seem to be working well, consider adding video marketing or perhaps even social networking to your overall marketing mix.

And Remember…

It may not be obvious right now, but you are doing yourself a big favor by learning about advanced internet marketing. Even if you just research it in your spare time, you will begin to formulate ideas and plans for the future of your business.

This sort of preparedness and forward thinking will keep you going strong in the market for many years to come!

 In these series of guidebooks, you’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes and what you need to get started properly. Internet marketing is the solution to stand out among the thousands of other businesses out there.

What about you??

  • What Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies Work For You?!

Please share your experience or opinions in the comments below.


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Ryan Stroble

Ryan has over 7 years of experience in the creative marketing industry, with a specialized B.Comm degree in Marketing Management. He owns several online businesses and consults clients on marketing strategy and eCommerce.


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